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Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens.

Chairman's Message

At Essa Sulaiti Law Firm, we consciously nurture and develop our legal services to stimulate growth and stay aligned with the changing social, economic and political landscape of the State of Qatar.

Client satisfaction is most vital to the philosophy and work culture of Essa Sulaiti Law Firm.

Renowned for its high client satisfaction record, the Firm takes immense pride in its client servicing capabilities that offers clarity, accessibility and business oriented legal advice to our diverse clientele in Qatar.

We have a good network and cooperation and collaboration with international law firms across the Middle East, Asia and Europe which gives us a global reach.

Our commitment to a good professional conduct validates our benchmark for quality and safety risks standards that function within the legal framework. Our lawyers demonstrate a deep sense of integrity while legally representing our clients in the most challenging cases, often withholding our actions where a conflict of interest exists.

We take proper measures to ensure that confidential matters are handled appropriately. We are mindful to our obligations to the administration of Justice and try to resolve problems in a rational, peaceful and efficient manner.

About Us

Essa Al Sulaiti Law Firm is a full service, reputable institute based in Doha, Qatar. Attorney Mr. Essa Mohammed Al Sulaiti, Owner and Chairman of the Law Firm founded the entity to offer multi-disciplinary legal and effective results across diverse sectors in Qatar.

Our professionalism has resulted in us gaining the trust of many reputable companies, both local and international. In addition, we have provided legal services to VIP individuals who work in a diverse variety of sectors within the business world, some including; Construction, Finance and Sports. The Law Firm offers a multitude of services in the areas of Corporate, Commercial, Investments, Finance, Construction, Labour, Criminal and Sports. Our professional body is composed of an extensive network of motivated and talented Lawyers with more than 30 years of experience at a domestic and international level.

Our Attorneys are highly qualified and specialize in niche majors. They offer legal expertise for different fields and nationalities in multiple languages. We establish, implement and maintain an efficient and effective quality system that meets our objectives. Our quality policy conforms to our core values and in recognition to our valuable clients, it ensures that we meet their requirements on time, deliver to their expectations, increase their satisfaction and gain their commitment.

We apply the best possible practice to comply with agreed requirements and continually improve our effectiveness. We recognize the importance of our clients in the project and we are committed to achieving the highest level of cooperation. Our vision is to offer informed advice and a professional legal representation that allows policy makers and boards to achieve their goals while minimizing risks associated with the law.

Our firm practices its professional conduct with integrity and fulfills its duty in representing the clients vigorously. We are mindful to our obligations to the administration of justice and resolve problems in a rational, peaceful and efficient manner.

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